The next information gives you with info on the Web Person — or Web Customers — command of the Home windows working system.

Web Person is a command line device that enables system directors to handle person accounts on Home windows PCs. You should utilize the command to show account info, or make adjustments to person accounts.

It may be used, amongst different issues, to allow the inactive administrator account of a Home windows system.

The core command Web Person, when run from the command immediate, returns a listing of all person accounts on the system.

In the event you by no means labored with the command earlier than, or accounts on the system, you’ll discover that Home windows ships with default accounts, and person accounts created throughout set up or afterwards.

The output doesn’t let you know which accounts are energetic or not, and that are default accounts and which person created.

Observe: Some operations require that you just run the instructions from an elevated command immediate. You may launch one within the following method:

  1. Faucet on the Home windows-key, sort cmd, maintain down the Ctrl-key and Shift-key, and hit the Enter-key on the keyboard.

Core instructions

net user

Web Person helps loads of parameters, however there are some that you could be use extra usually than others.

  • Web Person username — e.g. Web Person Martin — This command lists detailed info on the person that you just specify. This consists of the final logon, native group memberships, and password info.
  • Web Person username password — e.g. Web Person Martin NewSecretPass — Units the password NewSecretPass for the account Martin.
  • Web Person username /energetic:sure|no — e.g. Web Person Martin /energetic:sure — Prompts the account in order that it may be used. Setting it to no deactivates the account.
  • Web Person username password /add — Web Person Check qwerty1234  /add — This provides the person account Check with the default password querty1234 to the system.
  • Web Person username /delete — e.g. Web Person Check /delete — Deletes the Check account on the system.
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Web Person Syntax

The syntax of the command seems complicated at first look, because it shows varied instructions that you could run if you run Web Person /? to show the assistance textual content of the command.

[username [password | *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]
username * /ADD [options] [/DOMAIN]
username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
username [/TIMES: ALL]
username [/ACTIVE: NO]

Lets check out all Web Person parameters intimately:

  • username — specifies the username you need to run the operation on.
  • password — units the password for the desired username. Should fulfill the minimal size requirement, and should have as many as 127 characters.
  • * — shows a immediate for the password. Password will not be proven when entered.
  • /area — performs the operation on the chosen area.
  • /? or /assist — shows the assistance textual content for the Web Person command.
  • /energetic:sure|no — this instructions prompts (sure), or deactivates (no) the desired person account.
  • /add — will add the chosen person account to the pc system.
  • /delete — removes the chosen person account from the system.
  • /command:”textual content” — provides a remark to the chosen person account. Restricted to 48 characters. Seen within the description subject of the person account.
  • /countrycode:zero — Provides nation code or area info to the account. A price of zero, or not utilizing the parameter, units it to the default area.
  • /expires:date|by no means — Units the person account to run out on the specified date, or by no means expire. Expiration dates are set utilizing mm/dd/yy, e.g. 12/24/2019, or Mar/13/19.
  • /fullname:”title” — Units the complete title for the chosen account. Should be enclosed in citation marks.
  • /homedir=path — Units the customers house listing to the chosen path. Please be aware that the trail must exist, so create it prematurely earlier than you run the command.
  • /passwordchg:sure|no — Specifies whether or not the person could change the password. The default worth is sure which signifies that password altering is allowed.
  • /passwordreq:sure|no — Specifies whether or not the person account must have a password. The default is sure, which signifies that a password is required.
  • /logonpasswordchg:sure|no — When set to sure, prompts the person to alter the account password on the subsequent logon to the system.
  • /profilepath:path — Units the trail for the person’s logon profile. The trail factors to a Registry profile.
  • /scriptpath:path — Units the trail for the person’s logon script. Path must be relative to %systemrootpercentSystem32ReplImportScripts
  • /occasions:occasions|all — Units the logon hours for the account. Occasions must be specified as Day,Hour-Hour and separated by semicolon, e.g. M,2PM-8PM;T, 1PM-9PM. Days of the week abbreviated as M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, Su, could mix days, e.g. Monday-Friday. All means a person will not be restricted on the subject of logins, no worth means logons will not be allowed.
  • /usercomment:”textual content” — Might set a person remark for the account.
  • /workstations:computerName — Specify as much as eight computer systems the person could go online to. Separate names by ,. e.g computer1, computer2, computerx. Works finest with /area, and for those who do not specify this worth, person will not be restricted on the subject of workstations.
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Web Person Superior Examples

Now we have listed primary examples of the Web Person command close to the highest already. The next lists examples which can be extra complicated, and explains what they do:

The next command creates the brand new person account mohammedlee, units the account password to password1, the logon occasions to Monday to Friday from 6am to 6pm, and configures the system to immediate the person for a password change on the subsequent logon.

  • web person mohammedlee password1 /add /logonpasswordchg:sure /occasions:monday-friday,6am-6pm

The following command units a person’s full title, and assigns entry to the 2 workstations eastoffice1 and eastoffice2 to the person, and provides the person remark “modified workstations”.

  • web person joe /fullname:”Joe Montana” /workstations:eastoffice1, eastoffice2 /area /usercomment:”modified workstations”


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