“4 Horsemen of Apocalypse,” portray by Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov (1887)

After getting Doomsday unsuitable twice final 12 months, end-times conspiracy theorist David Meade claims that the tip of the world is slated for April 23. Why precisely then?

Meade claims that on Apr. 23, 2018, Jupiter, the moon and the solar will probably be aligned inside the constellation Virgo to permit the elusive planet Nibiru or Planet X make a much-anticipated look.

The serial predictor hyperlinks the occasion with the beginning of the World Struggle three and the seven years of Tribulation together with the ascension of the Antichrist. Meade bases his claims on Biblical passages from the Bible.

  • The conspiracy theorist thinks that planet Nibiru is the “nice signal [which] appeared in heaven” earlier than the Tribulation in Revelation (12:1–2).
  • The “lady clothed within the solar, with the moon underneath her ft” is constellation Virgo in the identical passage, in keeping with Meade.

NASA Dismisses Current Conspiracy Theories

NASA, alternatively, had repeatedly dismissed these Doomsday eventualities. The area company insists that Nibiru or the “Dying Planet” just isn’t actual. What’s extra, many end-times predictors have gotten the date of the Apocalypse unsuitable in recent times.

Nonetheless, conspiracy theorists are adamant about their current interpretation of the occasions. They consider that one other end-of-times biblical occasion, the Rapture, began in November.

Not even the truth that such alignments should not uncommon has deterred doomsayers. Meade claims that the alignment which occurs each 12 years will probably be adopted by un unprecedented alignment which is able to mark the actual starting of the Rupture.

In an article revealed on his weblog earlier this 12 months, he claims that every one true Christians will vanish mysteriously in a worldwide occasion referred to as the Rupture. After that occasion, the Antichrist will make an look together with Niburu and the beginning of one other world conflagration.
Picture Supply: Wikimedia

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