The scientific expedition that studied the misplaced continent of Zealandia is again on identified lands.

The current discovery of the misplaced continent of Zealandia within the Southern Hemisphere has led to a analysis group embarking on a journey that initiated the primary makes an attempt at mapping and surveying this misplaced continent. Solely acknowledged by science in early 2017, the research group is a part of the Worldwide Ocean Discovery Program.

  • Zealandia is also called Tasmantis or the New Zealand continent. 
  • It’s believed to have separated from Antarctica some 85 to 130 million years in the past. 
  • It then most likely broke away from Australia after which sunk round 60 to 85 million years in the past.
  • ARound 93 % of it’s nonetheless beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean. 
  • Some 23 million years in the past, it might need been utterly submerged. 

Zealandia, the Submerged Continent Reveals Its Secrets and techniques

The vessel carrying the scientific mission arrived and touched again in Hobart, Tasmania earlier this week. This occasion happened after the crew of scientists spent weeks drilling the seabed to find what it held. They had been doing so in attempting to study extra concerning the historical past of the continent.

“Zealandia, a sunken continent lengthy misplaced beneath the oceans, is giving up its 60 million-year-old secrets and techniques by way of scientific ocean drilling,” mentioned one of many group.

Over the course of the expedition, the researchers drilled in six completely different websites throughout the South Pacific of their bid to know how the submerged continent has modified over current years and sunk additional under the waves. Drilling on the six websites revealed fossils which confirmed that the realm was not all the time at a depth of round two-thirds of a kilometer under the floor of the ocean.

Amongst scientists, the preferred principle referring to the historical past of the continent put forth that this broke free from the realm between Australia and Antarctica. This might need led to the formation of New Zealand’s mountain ranges and lots of the different most iconic landmarks on this area of the South Pacific.

Because the scientists come house, the secrets and techniques of the continent, to date revealed, present that the fossils of shells surviving in heat shallow seas had been outstanding. In addition they level to a continent not sunken to the depths it ‘lies’ at within the current day.

The sunken continent of Zealandia has solely been acknowledged by the scientific group in early 2017 and nonetheless stays a thriller. Lots of its secrets and techniques would possibly get revealed with the completion of the drilling cores sourced from six websites throughout the realm. Returning to Australia to report their findings will spark the primary rush to disclose particulars of a continent that also largely stays a thriller.

Picture Supply: Wikimedia

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