Mozilla has undergone a major revamp today. The company is bringing in an infusion of newness to its systems, including an all new logo, font, color palette, language architecture, and imagery. This also marks the culmination of an over 7-month old project that was undertaken with the purpose of giving the company a new face.

You might be unaware of the fact that Mozilla is actually a not-for-profit organization, that seeks to make the Internet a healthier and better place. To raise awareness about this very fact, Mozilla came up with the idea of launching an open source design process that encourage public involvement by asking them to submit new designs. The could also vote for the best design for the company’s platform.

Okay, so coming to the changes that have taken place: The logo is definitely the one that stands out the most. You can check the new logo in different colors in the image that follows the color palette out in the featured image near the top of the article. The “ill” in mozilla has been replaced with “://”, so it is now “moz://a”.

Next, the color palette has received a change as well and the new scheme lays focus on the highlight colors that are used in firefox as well as other browsers.

Color flows into our logo and changes according to the context in which the logo is used. As we develop our style guide, we’ll define color pairings, intensities, and guidelines.


Finally, we have a new font for Mozilla. Created by the legendary Typotheque that partnered with Mozilla to make the web available to all, the font is………..well, you can check it out right below. It is called “Zilla” and feels pretty nice on the eyes.Mozilla

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Meanwhile, you can learn more about Mozilla’s update by watching the video below or visiting the platform’s page about the topic.