The console wars are sometimes drawn between the Xbox and PlayStation camps (sorry Nintendo), however, whether or not you’d prefer to admit it or not, there’ll at all times be video games from the opposite facet of the fence you want you can play in your favourite console. The obvious resolution can be to get each consoles, however that may rapidly turn into a administration nightmare. Happily, console modder extraordinaire EdsJunk has give you a cleaner and smarter resolution. Meet the XSTATION, your Xbox One and PS4 in a single gateway to gaming paradise.

Whereas it’s filth easy, although not low cost, to purchase an Xbox One and a PS4, that may that means having to juggle connections, preserve two separate packing containers, have two separate energy provides, and room for 2 packing containers. That undoubtedly takes out the enjoyable of gaming, to not point out the comfort of a “activate and play” equipment like a gaming console.

As you might need guessed, the XSTATION crams the 2 consoles into one chassis however does so in a really good and environment friendly manner. For one, the ensuing measurement is nowhere close to the dimensions of a PS4 and Xbone mixed. In actual fact, the XSTATION is simply solely a bit greater than first Xbox One.

The opposite little bit of smartness is that there’s just one HDMI video out connection and in addition one energy provide that’s even inner. An Arduino microcontroller switches the ability and video between the 2 at a push of a button. Nothing will get less complicated than that.

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There are a couple of drawbacks to the XSTATION in comparison with EdsJunk’s different mods just like the PLAYBOOK or XBOOK. There isn’t a built-in show right here and also you’ll have to attach it to an exterior one. Then once more, this combo console is simply too heavy to be transportable anyway. For one more, you solely energy one console at a time and switching to 1 places the opposite to sleep. It’s a needed tradeoff to maintain the XSTATION from turning into too sizzling.