Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 incorporates a new costume for Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill, aka Chris Pratt. This new costume incorporates a t-shirt with a coded message on it – and you already know we are able to’t resist investigating. As such, we’ve performed some decoding, some tearing down of graphic design, and a little bit of analysis determine what’s occurring with this cosplay-essential little bit of Star-Lord / Guardians of the Galaxy costuming.

To determine what the shirt says, the very first thing we did was take a look at and see if anybody else already did the work. Because it seems – somebody kind of did. Kind of. Over at ComicBook dot com now we have Charlie Ridgely, who spoke with Chris Pratt at a press junket (possible) for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. There, Chris Pratt gave only a bit of data on the shirt design.

“Any individual can, as a result of it’s an actual language apparently. They’ve created an actual alphabet, nevertheless it’s from – I feel, I could be making this up – I feel it’s from a sweet wrapper from the primary film.” mentioned Pratt. “This is sort of a area model of some form so it’s like on my shirt the best way anybody can be carrying an ironic Reese’s Items shirt or one thing like that.”

Whereas it’s potential the sweet wrapper bit MIGHT be true, the half a few “actual alphabet” is unquestionably true. The alphabet is a near-full alternative set of letters from the parents at Territory Studio. They concentrate on movement graphics and interface design.

Above you’ll see a reel from the parents at Territory Studio exhibiting the work they did on the primary Guardians of the Galaxy film. It’s from this studio that this alien alphabet originates. They created the UI for the Guardians of the Galaxy aspect of the universe (for the primary movie, a minimum of).

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Per the Territory Studio challenge web page for Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re going to wish to look to at least one typeface specifically. The letters on Star-Lord’s shirt are from Territory Studios’ “Klyn” typeface – or Kyln, to be extra correct, nevertheless it’s listed as Klyn.

Every letter is given its personal alternative image, however the first plate we see right here doesn’t seem in alphabetical order. In reality given the look of the symbols within the order they seem in right here, it might appear that they’re virtually on this order to confuse onlookers on objective. That “A” is actually not an A.

As an alternative, now we have to take a look at graphics from the Kyln Jail a part of the primary Guardians of the Galaxy. There, a keyboard is ready up as follows. This keyboard isn’t arrange with a QWERTY format, as most keyboards are. As an alternative, this keyboard is ready up in alphabetical order.

“The Kyln Jail screens wanted a degraded navy feel and appear, reflecting a pared down useful aesthetic,” mentioned Territory Studio. “The display parts, together with tower schematics, and so forth, wanted to assist clarify Rocket’s escape plan, so balancing plot level with visible simplicity was key.”

This keyboard is odd to decode as a result of there aren’t sufficient letters right here to fill the entire alphabet. We’re only a couple quick. It is a bummer as a result of one of many characters we’re attempting to translate isn’t on the keyboard.

To translate the character “]”, now we have to imagine that it is among the final two letters within the alphabet. We assume additionally that the final two letters of the alphabet haven’t been lined by this keyboard. It makes extra sense for “Y” to seem on this design than “Z”, particularly given the location of the 2 characters within the design.

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4 full months in the past, a Reddit consumer by the identify of OooChimpanzeeThat solved the primary a part of this puzzle. She or he discovered the Kiln keyboard and put it to the take a look at with the primary two (huge) phrases on the Star-Lord shirt.

A number of months later we’ve obtained a transparent sufficient picture of the remainder of Peter Quill’s shirt that we are able to do our personal continuation of the design translation.

If the primary phrases are GEARS and SHIFT, we are able to proceed to imagine that the keyboard above is in alphabetical order. Making use of that code to the remainder of this design, we discover that the objects within the upper-right of the design present the next phrases:


Persevering with that code making a now readable however nonetheless comparatively nonsensical design, we are able to discover out what the underside of the shirt says. The phrases learn as follows:


Trying in on essentially the most distinctive phrase on this amalgamation of phrases, we discover that we’re meant to write down it TenEyck. It’s because graphic designer Karen TenEyck is a frequent collaborator with Marvel Studios tasks. We discovered Karen TenEyck by means of the Artwork Administrators Guild.

Karen TenEyck is a Graphic Designer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 based on the Artwork Administrators Guild. Her resume therein particulars her function as working in collaboration with Judianna Makovsky, costume designer.

We contacted TenEyck to ask her some questions in regards to the design, however sadly she’s unable to touch upon the film till it’s already launched. “I can’t focus on the movie till it’s launched,” had been right here actual phrases. Till that point, now we have a set of designs made by TenEyck for the film.

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We aren’t but positive which of those designs will seem in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and which wont. Aside from the middle high design, which is after all the shirt design made for Peter Quill to put on all through Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Have a peek at a gem from 2012, whilst you’re within the film investigation temper. Again then, we had a peek on the Barack Obama cash in Whole Recall. Simply as it’s right here in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, so too was that design positioned there very a lot on objective.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is scheduled to be launched inside the USA on Might 5, 2017 at a theater close to you.