What the Pokemon GO Journey Week occasion was speculated to be is a bit of completely different from what it’s turned out to be. So far as information on promo codes – any rumors we’ve heard haven’t come up Milhouse, whereas rock kind Pokemon on this occasion are usually not precisely the identical because the record that some had envisioned. At present we’re having a look on the particulars which are ACTUALLY in play VS what we had been to count on.

Rock Pokemon really on the market

The record of Pokemon out within the wild differs ever-so-slightly from the record we’d assumed would seem. There’s been only a few Corsola – not any greater than what appeared earlier than the beginning of the occasion. The identical is true of the topmost highly effective tier of Pokemon within the Rock Kind assortment. Shed a tear for people who anticipated a bunch of Tyranitar to be lurking about.

From most typical to least widespread, right here’s what we’ve accessed because the record for this Rock Occasion to date: Geodude to Omastar. For those who occur upon an Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, or Larvitar – take into account your self tremendous fortunate!

Pokemon Showing throughout Journey Week, Frequent to Uncommon:
1. Geodude
2. Slugma
three. Kabuto
four. Omanyte
5. Rhyhorn
6. Onyx
7. Sudowoodo
eight. Shuckle
9. Magcargo
10. Graveler
11. Larvitar
12. Aerodactyl
13. Pupitar
14. Kabutops
15. Omastar

Hows this examine to the total record of Rock-Kind Pokemon in Pokemon GO? It’s fairly darned shut. We’re solely lacking the rarest of the uncommon on the record to date. It’s not like they wont seem, however they’re not considerably extra widespread.

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Rock Kind Pokemon in Pokemon GO presently:
• Aerodactyl
• Corsola *
• Geodude *
• Graveler *
• Golem *
• Kabuto
• Kabutops *
• Magcargo *
• Omanyte
• Omastar *
• Onix
• Shuckle *
• Sudowoodo
• Larvitar *
• Pupitar *
• Tyranitar *

Of notice: The Pokemon with the star subsequent to their identify weren’t talked about by Niantic earlier than the occasion as being a part of the occasion. For those who’ve seen another oddities that you just’ve by no means seen in your biome earlier than, by all means, tell us VIA our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter portal swift like a bunny!

Pokemon Coach Membership was down, certainly

The Pokemon Coach Membership login servers had been down – if just for a couple of moments – when the Pokemon GO Journey Week occasion started. You’re not shedding your thoughts – not from tapping the login button incessantly, anyway. You is likely to be shedding your thoughts when you can’t see the journey cap within the sport, Indiana Jones type.

The Journey Cap

Within the Caps part of the Pokemon GO clothes part is a brand new cap that appears shockingly much like what Indiana Jones wears. This hat – up shut and private – features a beautiful little Pokeball pin, and is available in any colour you want, simply as long as it’s black. This hat will virtually actually proceed to be free past the top of the occasion.

Pokestops, Buddy Sweet, Pokeballs

Pokeballs value half as a lot as they usually would, for customers that want to toss actual money at them. Pokestops are dropping a couple of extra gadgets every time they’re spun – now greater than normal. Each the Pokestops dropping extra gadgets and the Pokeballs being half their regular worth are each in play to encourage customers to exit and play extra – an actual tremendous robust hyperlink to the Journey Week theme, after all.

Strolling Buddy Pokemon will lead to 4x the usual quantity for a similar distance traveled. As an alternative of rewarding all 4 candies without delay, this occasion has minimize down the gap required to achieve a single sweet – so people who required 10km now solely want 2.5km for a single sweet. And the Eevee trick has not modified, sadly.

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Whereas it was typically assumed that strolling Eevee for 2 full Sweet cycles was the important thing to getting the 2 secret evolutions, it’s not. As an alternative it’s a full 10km, or 2x normal Sweet cycles. See our full Eevee evolution information if extra data on the 4th and fifth evolution are desired.

Occasion Timing is True

The occasion started yesterday, the 18th of Might, 2017. It started at 1PM Pacific, or 4PM Japanese Time. Whereas Niantic means that the occasion will finish precisely 7 days from that point, we’re skeptical. Mainly each occasion in Pokemon GO’s 1+ 12 months previous has lasted only a bit longer than the usual end-time, and we’re gonna go forward and guess that the identical will occur this time round.

So whereas Niantic means that the occasion will finish on the 25th of Might at 1PM Pacific, we’re guessing it’ll be later. Whereas I wouldn’t suggest inserting any bets, there’s a great probability we’ll have a couple of extra hours to see the Rock Kind Pokemon after the bell.