Lately, multi-thousand dollar custom air conditioning units have been replaced with smaller, more affordable and better performing appliances. A new product involved in this market had their first press release today, June 12 2017 and it is nothing short of impressive. It goes by the name of Quilo and it is the first portable air conditioner, humidifier, and fan all in one. Here, we’ll break down Quilo by each of its advertised aspects and give our opinion of whether it’s worth it or not.

Air Conditioner

Quilo is squeezing into the portable air conditioner and house cooling market which is very large, but also very competitive. Brands such as Lasko, Dyson, and Honeywell already dominate this market but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for new and upcoming brands. Quilo advertises itself to be able to quickly cool down an entire room by 20 degrees in a matter of minutes, faster than any air conditioner could. It only uses 7.4 watts to run while a traditional air conditioner uses upwards to 500 watts to run. Unlike other portable air conditioners, Quilo is one of the few that uses evaporative air cooling technology to help cool the room at a faster speed with a more natural feeling. Want it super chilly in your room? Well Quilo can do that with their new ice tray feature. Throw some ice into the designated tray, and Quilo will use it to capture the essence of a cool breeze on a beautiful winter day. When compared to an air conditioning unit or any other portable air conditioner, Quilo certainly seems to stand out in terms of its efficient and natural way to cool down rooms. portable air conditioner

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Aside from being able to chill rooms in a matter of minutes, Quilo strongly promotes its use for people who want a little bit of fresh air or a quick cool down with its silent yet powerful fan. While competitor products are usually around 70 dB (measurement for sound), Quilo is almost three times quieter at 25 dB so it can be used when your trying to sleep or even at work. Fans typically recycle air and throw it back at you to cool you down, but Quilo takes a cleaner more natural way of cooling you. They use their patented evaporative air cooling technology to densify the air making it cooler, more refreshing, more natural, and rehydrating. Large circular fans are being replaced with higher quality, more complex, and less expensive versions of fans such as Quilo. Basic fans dry out your skin and throw old, dirty air into your face, so why buy them anymore!portable air conditioner



Typically humidifiers are too expensive and difficult to combine with an air cooler or fan into one product, but Quilo (once again) has been able to overcome this challenge with their patented technology. Their evaporative air cooling technology allows water to cover their honeycomb filling so air that passes through will have the thick, humid feeling that you desire. Along with Quilo’s other features, the humidifier is quieter and more energy efficient than its competitors. If it’s a dry fall day or a family member is sick, you can pull out your Quilo for up to 10% more humid air.portable air conditioner

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Dimension wise, we only know that it Quilo is about 13 pounds. By the look of its pictures, we can assume that it is around 3 feet tall and almost 5 inches wide, give or take a little. Either way, this is still an incredibly compact and portable machine that can be fit in most cabinets or drawers with ease. Just make sure you take out all water and ice before putting it away. Another nifty feature that the Quilo team has designed for the Quilo is its remote control. You can control your Quilo from across the room, within your bed, or at the office easily, no complicated apps or phones applications necessary! Quilo’s portability allows it to surpass most of its competitors as it can be picked up and placed anywhere in a matter of seconds.portable air conditioner



When you look at Quilo’s price, its as if they have no competition whatsoever. On their kickstarter campaign they give you your first Quilo at the $99 dollar pledge. In comparison major brands such as Dyson sell one of their cheaper fans for $270. Keep in mind the Dyson fan is only a fan and doesn’t have humidifying, or room cooling features. If you think about it, instead of dropping thousands of dollars on an air conditioning unit, you could buy a Quilo for each of your rooms! Not only would it cost significantly less (# of rooms x 99), but it would cool your house way faster, and save you big time on your electricity bill. One Quilo only uses 7.4 watts for every 500 watts an air conditioner uses! Leading air cooling companies are going to have to drop their prices significantly to compete with the Quilo.portable air conditioner

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Wrap Up

The main advantage of Quilo is that it can be used in any circumstance because it can be moved to solve any problem. As mentioned before, if you are sick Quilo can be moved into your bedroom to humidify the room. If your hot in the kitchen, Quilo can be moved to the kitchen to cool it in a matter of minutes. If your office is too stuffy, Quilo can be moved to your office to provide some fresh air. It’s versatile, inexpensive, energy efficient, and works as good as any of its competitors, if not better. On our Tech News Port scale, we’d give it a superb 9.4/10!

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