DB POWER Dashboard Camera
Hands-on DB Power Dashboard Camera

DB POWER’s new 2K dashboard camera certainly took me by surprise. With a price point sitting at under $50, the quality of other big-buck brand dashboard cameras, and some hidden features, DB POWER certainly outdid its competition. This new dashboard camera outperforms all other cameras in five main ways. Plus we’ve been allowed to give you the coupon code JYYB6XEY for an additional 20% off. Check it out!

1. Video Quality

Unlike most other brands, DB POWER’s dashboard camera contains an Ambarella A7L50 Chipset+OV4689 Sensor for the highest quality picture as well as a whopping 30
frames per second! In comparison, other large names such as KD-links and Z-links share cameras with 30 frames per second, but cost up to 4x the price with arguably lower resolution. Not to mention, DB POWER’s camera records in 2K high-definition while still maintaining a portable size of under 3 inches. You could film a movie with this baby!       More details…

2. Recording Car Accidents

Recording an accident or a hit-and-run is one of the main reasons people set out to buy a dashboard camera. Well fear not! DB POWER’s dashboard camera has integrated all the necessary niches in order to bring you the recordings you desire. Their camera automatically detects when an accident happens and uses its G-Sensor feature to take pictures of the accident immediately while capturing photos of the other car’s license plate. Now don’t worry, the dashboard camera also includes a Looped Video feature so it never stops recording. This means the camera will always capture film from before, during, and after an accident. More details…

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3. Warranty

DB POWER’s camera distuinguishes itself from others with it’s free one year warranty. They are so confident in their product that if a year is about to pass and you find the slightest error with your camera, you can return it for a brand new one at no cost! No other competing brand offers a 1 year warranty on their product without a $10 price tag attached. Just like a GoPro, the DB POWER dashboard camera is completely resistant to extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Take it to the desert or the north pole, it won’t ever break! More details…

DB POWER Dashboard Camera

4. Extra Features

DB added some cute little details to their specialized camera to further appeal to you, the consumer. For starters, the camera comes with a customizable mount that attaches to the front window of your car to ensure the highest quality recording view. Not to mention, it also features an incredibly wide 150 degree viewing angle so everything ahead of you is recorded. DB’s dashboard camera also includes a long-lasting 250 mAh battery for long recording hours, an HDMI port to upload any recordings or photos you want to keep, and nightvision for video protection during those long-night rides. More details…

5. Price

This dashboard camera certainly outdid itself when it comes to price. It still puzzles me how they could sell it for $50, include free shipping, and offer a free one year warranty. I have also received a coupon from them, JYYB6XEY, to take off an additional 20%! Every other dashboard camera ranges in price from $100 all the way up to $300, plus an additional charge for shipping, and no free one year warranty! When it comes to price, no one even compares to DB POWER’s camera.  More details…

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Whether you’re looking for a dashboard camera with every imaginable feature or one for a low price point, the DB POWER Dashboard Camera is for you! On Amazon, it has earned a large amount of reviews with a strong 4 star average. It competes with other products in most aspects and outperforms them in others, while maintaining the lowest priced dashboard camera on the market. Overall, I would give it a personal 9.5 out of 10 and strongly recommend you purchase this if your looking for a dashboard camera. Hope this helps! Tell me what you think in the comments below! Check out the product here!    Coupon: JYYB6XEY

Here’s a video review with a little bit more information: