LAS VEGAS, NV — Tesoro will readily admit that 2017 was a quiet 12 months for the small peripherals firm. The personnel reshifted and refocused throughout that point, rigorously and totally revamping its merchandise and method to the market. We obtained a semi-exclusive have a look at what the corporate can be rolling out early in 2018: low-profile change mechanical keyboards.

Nonetheless, neither of the 2 new keyboard fashions we obtained hands-on time with sport the low-profile Kaihua switches we’ve been dissecting. As an alternative, one affords the brand new (TTC-made) Tesoro Slim Change, and the opposite has Tesoro’s personal (Kaihua-made) Agile low-profile change. Each are supported by the corporate’s new Tesoro 360 configuration software program.


Tesoro Gram XS

The primary new piece of Tesoro package is the Gram XS, which was designed to supply all of the gaming options one desires–mechanical switches, RGB lighting, and configuration software–but with a glance that has a broader enchantment than most gaming planks.

This was a acutely aware choice; throughout its yearlong refresh, the corporate researched who, precisely, is a “gamer” nowadays and found that there’s nobody sort: “Players” run the gamut of ages and genders, and more and more, these folks want high quality keyboards however have tastes as diverse as their demographics. The Gram XS is white and slim however will also be colourful and enjoyable with its backlighting; it wouldn’t be misplaced in a visual location in a house, similar to a front room or workplace.

We not too long ago spent a while with a pair of low-profile keyboards which have Kailh PG1335 switches on board, and we discovered that though they ship a satisfying typing expertise, they have been lacking just a bit one thing when it got here to gaming. We didn’t get an opportunity to recreation on the Gram XS, however we discovered the Tesoro Slim Crimson switches felt extra sturdy at first contact. There’s a cause for that; Tesoro informed us that its Crimson change is definitely heavier than its Blue one. 

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One distinct distinction between the Gram XS and different low-profile keyboard choices out there’s the keycaps. Low-profile keyboards normally provide keycaps which have an analogous profile to desktop caps, however simply lower down, however the Gram XS really has chiclet keycaps. This can be a little bit of a threat, as a result of the caps have a little bit of wobble, however in our temporary hands-on time, we felt that they have been no extra (or hardly anymore) wobbly than a traditional keycap. In any case, the chiclet caps allow a good slimmer general profile than different skinny keyboards.

Some could do not forget that Tesoro has been experimenting with this type issue for some time now. We most not too long ago noticed a prototype at Computex 2017; you’ll be able to see that Tesoro stored a lot of the identical design.

Once we popped off the spacebar to take a look on the stabilizers, we have been stunned to as a substitute discover three switches. Merely, the spacebar has prongs in three places that slot into the three switches. Clearly, the 2 flanking switches don’t have any enter, however it maybe is smart to supply a extra true stabilization of the spacebar slightly than conventional Costar-style or Cherry stabs. This additionally helps give some sturdiness to the in any other case slightly flimsy spacebar. Certainly, if there’s a design flaw within the Gram XS, it’s the skinny spacebar and the truth that if you press it, they cap finally ends up flush with the bezel, which feels somewhat odd underneath your thumb.

Gallery: Tesoro Gram XS Gallery

Tesoro Gram Spectrum TKL

The second new entry into the Tesoro keyboard household is the Gram Spectrum TKL. Merely put, it’s a sawed-off model of the Gram Spectrum that was introduced a while in the past. It additionally has Tesoro’s Agile change. Made by Kaihua (PG1280), the 2 Gram Spectrum keyboards are the one units which have them. As we’ve mentioned earlier than, the Agile change is one thing of a ‘tweener change as a result of it’s shallower than an everyday desktop change however deeper than, for instance, the Tesoro Slim Change.

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For now, it has Blue (clicky) switches, however Tesoro could department out and make use of a Crimson (linear) choice sooner or later. Of additional notice are the keycaps, that are doubleshot. Tesoro can be planning to alter the font to one thing somewhat extra broadly palatable–as it’s finished with the Gram XS.

Gallery: Gram Spectrum TKL Gallery

Tesoro Gram XS and Gram Spectrum TKL
 Gram XSGram Spectrum TKL
Mannequin SortFullsizeTKL
Change ModelTesoro
Change SortExtremely-slim Blue, CrimsonAgile
Actuation PressureBlue: 40 +/- 10gf
Crimson: 45 +/- 15gf
Blue: 45 +/- 15gf
Crimson: 45 +/- 15gf
Actuation LevelBlue/Crimson: 1.1 +/- Zero.4mmBlue/Crimson: 1.5mm +/- Zero.5mm
Whole Key JourneyBlue/Crimson: three.Zero +/- Zero.3mmBlue/Crimson: three.5mm +/- Zero.5mm
Sensing TechniqueMechanical
Microcontroller32bit ARM Cortex Processor
Polling Price1000 Hz
Lighting16.8m RGB LED
Key Rollover6-key / N-Key Choices
Key CapsChicletDoubleshot
Dimensions (W x H x D)450 x 126.5 23.2mm365 x 136 x 25.6mm

Change Specs

As you’ll be able to see within the chart under, the Tesoro Slim switches have probably the most shallow actuation level (1.1mm). Many of the others are 1.5mm. Each the Tesoro Slim and Kailh PG1350 switches have 3mm of complete journey. Notice that the Agile switches have three.5mm journey, which is sort of near the 4mm journey of most desktop switches. One slightly stark distinction between the Tesoro and Kaihua switches is that the latter is heavier.  

Tesaro, Kailh, and Kaihua Change Specs
 Tesoro Slim CrimsonTesoro Slim BlueKailh PG1350 (Choc)Kailh PG1232 (Mini Choc)Tesoro Agile CrimsonTesoro Agile Blue
SortLinearClickyLenear, Tactile, ClickyClickyLinearClicky
Actuation Level1.1mm +/- Zero.4mm1.1mm +/- Zero.4mm1.5mm (+/-Zero.5mm)1.2mm (+/-Zero.5mm)1.5mm +/- Zero.5mm1.5mm +/- Zero.5mm
Actuation Pressure45 +/-
40 +/-
50gf50gf45g +/-
45g +/-
Strain Level Pressure50 +/-
Whole Journeythree.0mm +/- Zero.3mmthree.0mm +/- Zero.3mm3mm (+/-Zero.5mm)2.4mm (+/-Zero.5mm)three.5mm +/- Zero.5mmthree.5mm +/- Zero.5mm
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Tesoro 360 Software program

Together with the brand new comes refined software program, which known as Tesoro 360. Tesoro needed to create pleasing, clear person interface–one that matches the family-friendly look of the Gram XS–that nonetheless affords customers loads of configuration choices. You’ll be capable to carry out all the same old actions–key assignments, macros, lighting, and so forth.

Gallery: Tesoro 360 Software program Gallery

The (Close to) Future

That is the start of Tesoro’s 12 months; extra merchandise are coming. Tesoro goes to keep up two product households: the Gram sequence, which we’ve detailed above, and the Durandal line. The previous goes to be the road the place you’ll see the applied sciences and new concepts that Tesoro is engaged on, whereas the Durandal line goes to bear extra conventional designs and can value much less. Anticipate to see some Cherry MX-equipped fashions, as nicely.

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Seth Colaner contributed to this report