A part of the story behind the Xeon Scalable platform, constructed upon server-level Skylake processing cores with AVX-512 and a brand new mesh topology, was that the CPU was designed to be partnered with extra silicon in the identical package deal. Out of the gate instantly had been variations bundled with Intel’s OmniPath controller, permitting for networking cloth connections. There has all the time been expectation that Intel will launch a Xeon Scalable processor with an built-in Intel Altera FPGA on the identical package deal, and now that expectation has grow to be actuality. Intel is now delivery its Xeon Gold 6138P processor with a built-in Altera Arria 10 GX 1150 FPGA.

Again at Supercomputing 2016, Intel demonstrated what presupposed to be a Broadwell-based Xeon system with a in-built FPGA into the identical package deal, nevertheless no actual particulars got and the chip itself was not on show. This yr, at Cell World Congress (of all locations), Intel had an illustration system displaying a Xeon Scalable processor with a in-built FPGA into the identical package deal, however once more the chip was not on show, solely a processor that supposedly had the chip in. I used to be not allowed to make use of my screwdriver to open the system up. The Intel attendant subsequent to the system was discussing that the platform would assist speed up Edge Computing for information utilized by 5G networks, though discussions concerning the finer particulars of what number of SKUs, the scale of the FPGA, and different components had been met with a refusal to reply. In consequence, I didn’t publish something at MWC; I couldn’t verify something that was being stated and Intel was not ready to say any extra.

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Quick ahead a few months, and over at PC-Watch are reporting that Intel has introduced by way of its itpeernetwork hub (relatively than its conventional PR outreach) the mass manufacturing of the Xeon Gold 6138P with an built-in Arria 10 GX 1150 FPGA, with some choose prospects already being sampled. The announcement states that Fujitsu is among the Intel companions planning a system round this processor.

Intel Xeon Gold: Including an FPGA
AnandTechXeon Gold 6138Xeon Gold 6138P
with Arria 10 FPGA
SocketSocket P
LGA 3647
Socket P
LGA 3647
Cores / Threads20 / 4020 / 40 ?
Base Frequency2000 MHz2000 MHz ?
Turbo Frequency3700 MHz3700 MHz ?
PCIe Lanes4832
DRAMSix Channels
Six Channels
On-Package deal FPGAArria 10 GX 1150
Logic Parts1150Okay (1.15m)
Embedded Reminiscence53 Mb
UPI HyperlinksThreeTwo
TDP125 W125 W CPU
60 – 70 W FPGA
195 W Whole ?
Worth$2612Arm, Leg

Intel is connecting the Xeon processor to the FPGA with 160 Gbps of bandwidth per socket (doesn’t state if that is bi-directional) utilizing a cache coherent interconnect. From the best way that we all know that the Intel OmniPath Cloth connects in package deal to an Xeon, this connection doubtless implements a unique protocol over the PCIe x16 interface reserved for in-package parts, but in addition takes benefit of Intel’s Extremely-Path Interconnect (UPI) for cache coherency and entry to information throughout the platform. This will imply that this reduces Xeon+FPGA setups to twin socket at finest, if one UPI hyperlink from the processor is in use for the FPGA, nevertheless Intel didn’t present briefings on the brand new components to substantiate this. We will verify from an outdated Intel slide that the platform ought to be utilizing a Excessive Velocity Serial Interface (HSSI) for connectivity; this slide additionally states that the brand new processors have completely different energy specs to straightforward Skylake-SP sockets, and as such the Xeon Gold 6138P might be unlikely to be a drop in processor to present techniques.

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For this launch, Intel has constructed a digital switching reference design, which makes use of the FPGA for infrastructure dataplane switching with digital machines on the CPU implementing direct compute on the dataplane. Intel states that their reference design presents three.2x higher throughput and half the latency in comparison with a CPU-only resolution when working the Open Digital Swap framework. This take a look at was measured by means of its DPDK forwarding efficiency. It was acknowledged that on the Fujitsu Discussion board in Tokyo this week an OVS system with extra efficiency monitoring was on show.

The system underneath take a look at was a 2P server utilizing two of the brand new ‘Intel Xeon Gold 6138P with Built-in Arria 10 GX 1150 FPGA’ processors, 12×16 GB of DDR4-2666 (one DIMM per channel), and with an 100G Alaska community card from Marvell. Amusingly it says the system additionally had a PCIe three.zero x10 slot, alongside a PCIe three.zero x8 slot. 10 looks like a unique quantity to regular.

Additionally within the announcement was a point out of Intel’s want to supply a discrete FPGA resolution with a quicker high-bandwidth coherent connection, though particulars of this interconnect weren’t offered (it could possibly be UPI by means of a bodily discrete add-in card slot?). These discrete FPGA options will assist code migration from code developed on the Xeon+FPGA system on this announcement in addition to Altera’s Arria 10 GX acceleration playing cards.

Considered one of Intel's present Arria 10 GX 1150 Programmable Acceleration Playing cards

Wider availability of the Xeon Gold 6138P with Arria 10 isn’t but identified at the moment. events are anticipated to get involved with their Intel consultant or OEM associate.

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Supply: Intel's ITPeerNetwork, PC-World (most important picture)

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