A small set of Pokemon from Gen 2 and 1 are set to be launched throughout particular occasions in Pokemon GO within the close to future. For these customers which might be in search of to fill their Pokedex, there’s additionally a set of Pokemon that aren’t in a position to be caught – however are in a position to be attained. 4 separate classes of Pokemon may be separated – and never each Pokemon GO Coach is aware of that this separation exists. The primary class is the obvious – frequent and catchable Pokemon.

Catchable Pokemon

The primary class is the most important in Pokemon GO – that of the frequent Pokemon. Of the total 251 Pokemon within the recreation’s code, simply 220 can be found to be captured within the wild. There’s numerous Pokemon that can not be captured, and numerous Pokemon which might be actually not within the recreation, but.

Most Pokemon can doubtlessly be discovered virtually wherever. There are some Pokemon which might be region-specific. These embody Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, Kangasghan, Heracross, and Corsola. The map you see beneath comes from a contributor often called OKTimeforPlanB. The colours present the areas (generally) the place these elusive Pokemon may be caught.

• Tauros: United States
• Heracross: Florida, Texas, Mexico, South America
• Mr. Mime: Europe and non-Europe Britain
• Farfetch’d: Asia
• Corsola: Between 35N and 26S latitudes (or thereabouts)
• Kangaskhan: Australia (and a few surrounding islands)

The Remainder of the Pokemon

Of a complete of 251 Pokemon within the code for Pokemon GO, 31 aren’t in a position to be seen nor captured within the wild. A cool 13 of those Pokemon aren’t but accessible to be attained in any means in any respect. These would be the Pokemon that’ll seem at particular occasions all through the subsequent couple of years. This record goes as follows – every Pokemon has our greatest estimation (not confirmed by Niantic) for launch occasion:

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• Zapados (Staff Occasion, Electrical, Yellow, Intuition)
• Articuno (Staff Occasion, Water, Blue, Mystic)
• Moltres (Staff Occasion, Hearth, Purple, Valor)
• Mewtwo (Anniversary Occasion, probably Sponsored Occasion)
• Mew (Particular Occasion, Time-sensitive, Random Look)

• Raikou (Staff Occasion 2, Electrical, Yellow, Intuition)
• Entei (Staff Occasion 2, Hearth, Purple, Valor)
• Suicune (Staff Occasion 2, Water, Blue, Mystic)
• Lugia (Gen 2 Legendary Chicken Occasion)
• Ho-Oh (Gen 2 Legendary Chicken Occasion)
• Celebi (Mew-like occasion)
• Delibird (Particular Occasion, Time-sensitive, Christmas)
• Smeargle (Every time Niantic figures out easy methods to make Smeargle work, Smeargle will likely be launched)

For these Pokemon which might be each within the recreation and may be attained, there’s a giant set of how during which they’re gotten. The way in which to get the newborn Pokemon on this class is to stroll with Pokemon Eggs in incubators. The Pokemon on the next record are solely attainable by Pokemon Eggs:

• Pichu
• Cleffa
• Igglybuff
• Togepi
• Tyrogue
• Smoochum
• Elekid
• Magby

Whereas it’s been hypothesized that the Pokemon on the next record may seem in Pokemon Eggs sooner or later, for now they solely come from evolutions. Evolutions listed here are solely accessible by Particular Gadgets, also referred to as Evolution Gadgets. Every Pokemon is listed close to its required pre-evolutionary kind Pokemon and Particular Merchandise.

• Bellossom (Solar Stone, evolves from Gloom)
• Sunflora (Solar Stone, evolves from Sunkern)
• Porygon2 (Improve, evolves from Porygon)
• Kingdra (Dragon Scale, evolves from Seadra)
• Politoed (King’s Rock, evolves from Poliwhirl)
• Slowking (King’s Rock, evolves from Slowpoke)
• Steelix (Steel Coat, evolves from Onix)
• Scizor (Steel Coat, evolves from Scyther)

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Lastly there are two Pokemon that solely seem when a sure set of actions happen. These are the Gen 2 evolutions of Eevee, and so they go by the names Espeon and Umbreon. To learn to create these two fox-like monsters, head to our Eevee Evolution Information from earlier this yr. It’s been up to date with all the newest strategies.

BONUS: Unown

A full alphabet of Unown Pokemon are out within the wild, as properly. These Pokemon look very bizarre and seem fully randomly. They seem wherever on the earth the place any extra frequent Pokemon usually spawns, and so they’re easy. They’re barely price conserving when you’re one way or the other capable of finding Unown commonly.

Unown aren’t tough to catch, when you’re fortunate sufficient to have an encounter. Their catch price is excessive and their flee price is low. Their rarity relative to the remainder of the Pokemon GO universe is insane, although – so in all probability simply use the Extremely Ball anyway.


Whereas the large world of Pokemon may at first appear daunting, it’s actually a matter of understanding the creator’s intent. Niantic needs Pokemon GO to really feel like a real-world world-wide journey. To do that, they’ve unfold out the methods, means, and places for locating, capturing, or attaining Pokemon of all kinds.

Excellent news for these irritated at the concept some gamers would cheat their technique to a full Pokedex, take heed! The newest phrase from Niantic is that they’re kicking out spoofers as quickly as attainable. Don’t anticipate cheaters to prosper perpetually! Have a peek at our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter portal to be taught extra about Pokemon GO and see secrets and techniques earlier than they hatch!

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