File under ‘first world problems’…
Who cares. So it was a day after it was released. Does it matter?
I think this feature is more for people that don’t go to sites like Macrumors or other tech sites daily or even weekly. For those people, receiving an alert a few hours or a day or two after release won’t matter.

Who cares. So it was a day after it was released. Does it matter?

I guess you cared enough to offer your opinion on the matter ;-P

Seriously though, if I ask to be notified about an event when it happens, it’s not unreasonable to expect to be notified when it happens. Otherwise the ‘feature’ is not fulfilling its job, or it’s substandard.

I mean, you could argue the notify button is there for people who don’t care when they get notified, as long as they do get a notification at some point. Fine, but obviously there’s loads of people out there who DO want to know when something is available, so they probably feel let down by it.

It’s a slippery slope. Get complacent, accept shoddy services, say ‘yeah whatever, it’s just a game’, but the next time Apple fails to notify you about something you REALLY DO care about or delays that notice for hours or even days, then what right do you have to complain? How do you establish a threshold of acceptance and reliability for a service which is consistently inconsistent? Amirite?

Can’t believe people spent $10 on this game when there are better games with more depth, better graphics, that are actually free
Gamers are a an entitled bunch…
Another apple failure
Ok I am starting to hate on Apple but this is going too far…
so what? its not critical, its just a notification that the app is out not a 911 emergency call.
They probably had Mario delivering the notifications and he got tired. Give him a break, he’s a plumber not a marathoner.
Guarantee they were trying to keep their server healthy by not alerting everyone. Kind of like how they don’t push out iOS updates with notifications at first.

Source: Mac Rumors

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